(broad)ject self #11: Self-Care When...You've Got Nothin'

When it comes to writing the (broad)ject self newsletter, I keep a list of possible topics that I jot down as I think of them, but generally I’ll get a thunderbolt of inspiration by about Wednesday at the latest. As the week goes by, I’ll start writing drafts in my head, and then on Sunday night I just sit down and the words spill out.

This week? I’ve got bupkis. I wrote half a newsletter about a post idea I had saved, but it sucks. So rather than send you a newsletter that I’m embarrassed to send and you find painful to read just for the sake of having sent something, I’m going to share some links with you and call it good.
If you missed a newsletter or subscribed in the last few weeks, here are all the back issues:

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Here is a video from Facebook of cats knocking over small children.

Here is the Enya song I’ve had on repeat this week.

Here is the yoga video I’m going to do before bed tonight.

Self-caringly yours,