NO-vember 2nd: Red Cup No

As a Starbucks and Christmas devotee, November 2nd is the happiest day of the year. Why? Because November 2nd is the day that they launch their red cups as well as their holiday menu, including my personal favourite, egg nog. Traditionally, I celebrate the first day of red cup season with a Venti Chai Egg Nog Latte, a treat that I restrict myself to once a week thereafter due to its indulgent nature.

This morning? I said NO to a Venti Chai Egg Nog Latte. I even said NO to a red cup. I have been working on cutting down my added sugar consumption, and my daily Starbucks visit is a prime culprit. I'm testing out non-coffee drinks that have less sugar than my usual Chai Latte. Since I am a daily visitor, I do have a reusable cup to cut down on my habit's environmental impact. I actually have several reusable red cups from past years that I'll bring into my morning rotation to get in the spirit.

Saying no was easier than I had feared, in great part because I have a plan. Becoming diabetic is a real risk for me, so cutting down on my sugar consumption is super important. Still, everything in moderation including moderation, so I'll plan to enjoy my weekly holiday treat this coming Friday. I'll be in Belleville this weekend without a car, which means no Starbucks visits, so I won't be tempted to additionally indulge on the weekend.

How did you kick off NO-vember?