In Short: Self-Care When You're Distracted at Work

I mentioned in my (broad)ject self newsletter this week (Self Care When You're Ambitious) that at the present (childless) moment, I need to preserve my sleep because without it I'm useless. And usually I'm pretty good about it. Even when I'm out during the week, I do my best to be home in time for my regular bedtime (10pm, lights out at 10:30). Last night was an exception though, as I was at a friend's place to watch the election, and I could hardly leave before the bulk of the polls closed. So I got home at about 10:45, had a quick shower, and then tried to resist the siren song of Twitter. Needless to say, I did not bounce out of bed at 6am this morning. 

As a result of that somewhat minor sleep deprivation (and possible sleep-cycle interruption), I'm having trouble staying focused at work. It doesn't help that the most important task I need to complete is tedious and time-consuming. There are a handful of other things I'd rather work on, but I feel like I need to finish #1 task first, but I don't want to do #1 task, and oh hey, maybe someone posted something interesting on Twitter?

So how do you break the cycle? For me, it needs to begin first with a hard stop. Today, that was an early lunch break. Maybe for you it's a walk around the office, chatting with a co-worker, or completing a quick administrative task. Then, and you knew this was coming, big glass of water and a vinyasa. Satiated, hydrated, and hopefully a little more centered, I turn to #1 for a prescribed period of time to see how much I can get done before I'll give task #1 a break and turn to something more interesting.

How do you snap yourself back to focus?